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We are looking for a learning expert / facilitator

We are looking for a facilitator that will link and coordinate the different sessions and facilitate the learning process (transforming knowledge into action) during the Learning Institute.   Background Each year, Bridging the Gaps will hosts a three-day “Bridging the Gaps Learning Institute”. The BtG Learning Institute will bring together country, regional and alliance ......

Visiting the Bridging the Gaps project in Kyrgyzstan

In November, Louise van Deth (Executive Director of Aidsfonds) and Michaël Kensenhuis (Lobbyist at Aidsfonds) visited the Bridging the Gaps programme in Kyrgyzstan. Winter had just hit Kyrgyz capital Bishkek when we arrived, resulting in beautiful (and cold) snow-covered streets. Kyrgyzstan is not a very well-known country in the Netherlands; ......

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