Our impact in reaching our five objectives

01We have improved the quality of and access to services for key populations

In the period September 2011-December 2015, the programme reached more than one million sex workers, LGBT people and people who use drugs, with services that met their needs. Activities to reach this objective are very diverse: training (including online) for health care providers, social and legal support, condom distribution, needle and syringe provision, residential drug treatment, outreach, and peer support. However, all activities share one common goal: improving the quality of and access to services for key populations.

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02 We have improved the human rights of key populations

To improve the human rights situation for key populations, our partners act in different ways: they report and support the community reporting of human rights violations, have policy meetings with governments, organise advocacy events, and train advocates at the community level, for example. This is a good indication that the Bridging the Gaps programme contributes to strengthening the voices of key populations, as empowerment of key populations and supporting capacity building of the community are central elements in reaching this objective. Much remains to be done, in part due to the recent negative legal developments, particularly in relation to LGBT people and practices and harmful laws that target sex workers’ in several countries.

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03 We have integrated services for key populations

Our partners used diverse methodologies to integrate key populations-specific services into general health services, such as the development of training curricula for health care providers, national policy dialogues, assessment reports, and plans. 


04 We have strengthened capacity of civil society

Our partners are diversely resourced, and range from small organisations working with several capacity constraints to fully-fledged organisations implementing activities at country-level with Global Fund grants. Bridging the Gaps works to strengthen the capacity of country partners to increase the sustainability of their work, which is key to their ability to continue their programmes and advocacy activities independently once the programme comes to an end.


05 We have developed a comprehensive approach on HIV and key populations

Bridging the Gaps is an international HIV programme on health and human rights for LGBT people, sex workers and people who use drugs. Four years of hard work with more than 90 partner organisations resulted in some valuable lessons learnt. We have documented some of these lessons learnt in the reports below. We hope they will be useful for other organisations across the world who work towards achieving universal access to HIV/STI prevention, treatment, care and support for key populations.