PWUD project Pakistan

Our project in Pakistan ran from 2011-2015. It was aimed at changing social attitudes towards people who use drugs (PWUD) and improving the services they can access. Key populations have a higher risk of HIV infection in every region of the world. For the new programme period we identified regions and countries where we have an added value, based on our track record, epidemiological data and strategic considerations. Based on these considerations Pakistan won’t be among our focus countries in 2016-2020. However, our partners in Pakistan will be part of the innovation pool of Bridging the Gaps in 2016 – 2020.

Provided a continuum of care

Our project focussed on a number of key activities to achieve its objectives. It has:

  • Built on the strength of existing projects providing a continuum of care to ensure sustainability, and replicated this approach regionally and internationally;
  • Prioritised partnerships with the corporate sector to make up for limited and unreliable government funding;
  • Set up a trial site to demonstrate to governments that recovering drug users can sustain their own livelihoods, and that investment in job programmes is worthwhile;
  • Included a focus on employment opportunities for street-based drug sellers who are particularly vulnerable to the short-term attractions of crime and terrorism;
  • Built on the successful regional advocacy approach of the Response Beyond Borders project to get harm reduction principles adopted by government.