Results reports

Track record case Ukraine

Regional partner AFEW-Ukraine and their local partners conducted this case study and documented lessons learnt from raising a new generation of young advocates for young people who use drugs in Ukraine.

Track record case South Africa

This case study on introducing and developing harm reduction strategies for people who inject drugs in South Africa was conducted by the TB/HIV care Association, a regional partner in the Bridging the Gaps programme.

Track record case Botswana

This track record case documents lessons learnt from the LEGABIBO (The Lesbians, Gays & Bisexuals of Botswana) registration case: Advocating for LGBT rights in Botswana. LEGABIBO is in-country partner of the Bridging the Gaps programme.

Results report 2015

Bridging the Gaps (2011-2015) has reached more than one million people with services in 16 countries. This publication provides an overview of some key results of the programme throughout the entire programme period.

Results report 2014

This publication includes a selection of activities undertaken and achievements made during the first 28 months of the Bridging the Gaps programme. (September 2011-December 2013).

Results report 2013

This publication summarizes the activities undertaken and the results achieved in the first sixteen months of the Bridging the Gaps programme (September 2011-December 2012).

Lessons learnt reports

Operational research reports


Bloggers booklet

The people presented in this booklet have one thing in common: They are key in the global HIV response! We have collated the stories of our bloggers in this booklet ‘We are bridging the Gaps!’