Vlog: The Learning Institute seen through the eyes of Lynn Werlich (Aidsfonds)

Nothing about us without us! Meaningful involvement of key populations and community empowerment – these were the key issues during the first Learning of Bridging the Gaps Institute (25-27 April 2017, Kenya).

Lynn I hope I have been able to show you how important it is to bring the communities together and empower them.

Vlog: The Learning Institute seen through the eyes of Bradley Fortuin (LEGABIBO)

Bradley Fortuin from local partner LEGABIBO, The Lesbians, Gays and Bisexual of Botswana, shows you how he experienced the first Learning Institute (25-27 April 2017).

Bradley I have learnt a lot, for example how to avoid stigma and discrimination amongst HIV positive people and key populations as well.

Today’s youth, tomorrow’s key populations?

Supporting adolescents at risk of HIV in Ukraine

Oleksandr, 17 I tried drugs for the first time when I was 14. Well, the very first time I was 11.


Fighting against the anti-gay propaganda law in Kyrgyzstan

Tanya They are wrong and they will not stop me from loving. I will fight for that!

Using drugs, reducing risks

Improving access to healthcare for people who use drugs in Tajikistan.

Yarali In most health centers they refused to check me up

Advocacy in practice

Using research findings to advocate for LGBT friendly health services in Costa Rica

Franz Once they know you are gay, they assume that all you have is related to HIV

A day in the field with Sindiswa

Challenging homophobia and improving the health and rights of LGBT in Cape Town

Vuyini They make us grow to get where we want to be. We are human

The closing of sex worker detention centres

A big step for the health and well being of all Vietnamese women, men & children

Oanh Sex work is a reality in every country